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What Are Hawking & Falconry Services?

What Are Hawking & Falconry Services?

Hawking and falconry are techniques that use birds of prey to remove pests such as pigeons from a certain area. This works as these birds will then move to another location where there is not a  natural predator. In this blog post, we at Absolute Pest Control will discuss hawking and falconry in more detail.

Hawking and falconry services are an ancient way of utilising trained birds to hunt pests. A human falconer uses the trained bird to catch its prey (This is usually smaller birds but can also be other pests such as rabbits and squirrels). The falconer trains the bird and forms a close bond in the process so they follow the commands and return after collecting prey. This whole process requires talent, endurance and knowledge of bird behaviour.

These services can help you to control pest populations, especially when you’re fed up trying traditional methods of pest control that are undesirable or ineffective. In this process, trained falcons or hawks are used to naturally manage pest populations. Falconry services can also contribute to conservation efforts and research related to birds of prey. By working with these birds, falconers can provide useful insights into their behaviour, health and habitat needs.

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