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How To Properly Control Unwanted House Rodents

How To Properly Control Unwanted House Rodents

Has your home recently experienced a few unwanted guests? Looking for ways to conduct proper mice or rat control? There are a few humane tips and tricks you can practise before having to call in a team of professionals.

We understand how much of a burden curious critters can cause to a household, and it is wise to be aware of how important it is to control and redirect them. As humans, we provide the three essentials that attract rodents the most – food, water and shelter. However, rodents can be extremely detrimental not only to our property but our health as well.

Practise effective mouse or rat control before matters get worse or a full-fledged infestation takes place. Keep the following actions in mind should you ever cross paths with a rodent:

Fill In The Gaps

One way to make a rodent’s life slightly more difficult is by checking your home for any openings or holes and seal them up with the proper materials. You can use such materials as steel wool, plaster, cement or other to effectively seal holes or gaps that are the size of a quarter or larger.

Set The Traps 

As the most commonly known precaution, setting effective traps that are specific to rats or mice can help to deter rodents. Plus, there are certain traps available that are not harmful or dangerous to pets and children.

Don’t Leave Food Hanging Around

Be wise and pick up the crumbs. Rats and mice are resourceful creatures, they will find any spare leftovers to nibble or chow down on around your property. The best way to keep them from doing so is by remembering to practise small yet effective actions such as – keeping your garbage bin covered at all times or not storing any pet food outside without rodent-proof containers.

Leave It To The Professionals

Not willing to face the rodents alone? Save yourself the trouble and simply call in the professionals. Our experienced team here at Absolute Pest Control deals with all different types of pests and rodents by using the most humane and efficient methods.

We are here to help give you peace of mind in your home. Get in touch with our friendly team today to learn more about our rat control services in London, Kent, Sussex, and Surrey.  

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