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How Can We Bird Proof Your Solar Panels?

How Can We Bird Proof Your Solar Panels?

For all the good they do, solar panels often draw unwanted attention from birds which can lead to various issues, such as solar panel damage, reduced energy production and even potential safety hazards. To avoid problems such as these it is essential to bird proof your solar panels. With over 25 Years experience, we at Absolute Pest Control provide the excellent solar panel barrier for birds and other pests. Our fantastic team has years of knowledge and expertise as well as the ability to carry out various proven techniques to bird proof your solar panels. In this blog post, we will discuss these techniques in more detail. Check them out below:

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are pointed objects that prevent birds from comfortably landing on surfaces. These spikes can be fastened to the frames of a solar panel to create an undesirable landing area for birds.

Bird Netting

A physical barrier that keeps birds out can be created by installing bird netting over your solar panels. To prevent damage, we will ensure that the netting is firmly fastened but not in direct contact with the panels.

Visual Deterrents

Reflective tape and scare balloons are two visual deterrents that can be useful in scaring birds away from your solar panels. Birds may feel unsafe near your panels if they see movement and reflective surfaces.

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We at Absolute Pest Control specialise in bird proofing and can help protect your solar panels from all kinds of birds. If you require any of our solar panel proofing services, bird control or a range of other pest control services then please be sure to contact us today and we will arrange a free site visit as well as a no obligation quote. We look forward to speaking with and hopefully being of service to you.

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