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Effective Bird Control Services

Effective Bird Control Services

Birds are amazing creatures that enhance the beauty and charm of our environment. However, bird control services are required when they become a problem, particularly in metropolitan areas. Unwanted bird presence on rooftops and balconies can cause a variety of problems, such as property damage and health risks. Fortunately, we at Absolute Pest Control offer practical approaches to bird management, including bird wire, bird point installation and bird netting for balconies.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss our bird control services in detail and how we can help you to reclaim your living space while assisting the birds in finding a more secure environment.

Bird Netting For Balconies

Due to their height and plenty of crevices, birds often consider balconies an ideal place to sleep or build nests. Unfortunately, having them nesting here can cause a lot of issues. One of these is bird droppings, which can cause surfaces to corrode, resulting in damage to flooring, furniture and railings. 

Our bird netting technique is great for keeping birds off your balcony. The netting creates a barrier that prevents birds from entering while giving you a clear view of the outside. It protects the birds from damage and helps them choose alternate roosting locations away from your property.

Bird Point Installation

Bird points, also known as bird spikes or anti-roosting spikes, are designed to stop birds from perching on flat surfaces. We design harmless, stainless steel spikes that create a rough surface, making it uncomfortable and unsuitable for birds to land. Bird points simply deter birds from perching without causing harm. Our team can effectively install bird points on various surfaces, such as ledges, rooftops and fences.

Bird Wire

Large open spaces and roofs often attract birds seeking a landing area. Our bird wire systems provide a robust and discreet way to stop birds from landing in open spaces. The system includes thin, stainless steel wires suspended above the surface, creating an unstable landing environment for birds. Bird wires are hardly noticeable and do not hamper the aesthetics of your property. We can also customise the wire to suit various architectural designs and layouts.

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Bird control services are essential for maintaining a harmonious living environment while ensuring the well being of both humans and birds. Our professional bird control services and secure implementation can help you enjoy a bird free space without causing any harm to these beautiful creatures. Contact us today for the right approach to bird control.

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