Hawking Pest Control

Professional Hawking Services.

Hawking can be utilised where conventional proofing systems may either be too expensive or impractical to implement.

Hawking pest control works by introducing a predatorial bird into an area where pigeons or gulls have become resident. Over time, this will move them on to another location where they will feel safe from the natural predator.

Flying a bird of prey in an area is known as hawking. It is otherwise known as Falconry Pest Control or Pigeon Hawking and is one of the most successful tried and tested methods of preventing pest birds from becoming a problem.

Absolute Pest Control specialises in the use of birds of prey for pest control. Falconry pest control is a very specialist field and for the staff involved is quite literally a way of life. Such is the time and dedication needed to keep their birds fit and healthy.

Our team not only possess falconry skills but are also fully trained pest control technicians. They receive ongoing training in all aspects of health and safety to ensure they are safe to work on your premises. Our operatives hold CSCS cards to enable hawking to be offered to the building industry.

Our Hawks have achieved excellent results for our clients; they provide a good public relations tool for both you, the client, and ourselves.